Last week I wrote about taking on others emotions and I received many lovely responses from people telling me that they are feeling the same way right now.  You might not realize it but your responses to me were signs from my Angels that people are reacting to my writing and that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Thank you!  Your support means the world to me.

I have always believed in signs but it seems like 2018 is bringing them more loudly, more clearly and more often.  For example just this week;

-A best friend of mine’s daughter is going to Europe for a week and she was feeling a bit nervous about it.  This friend shared with me that this morning right after she dropped her daughter off for the trip she heard the song “Safe and Sound” on the radio.

-Another person I love is going through a huge life changing decision and was going to take action this morning.  I pulled an Angel card about the situation and it said “New Beginnings.”

-Another dear friend of mine is contemplating getting a Weimaraner and within just a few days she was given the name of the same Weimaraner breeder by two different people.

-I had a much-needed massage appointment last night at 6:50 that I thought about cancelling due to a busy mom driving night, but before I cancelled I found out that due to snow on the ground my daughter’s lacrosse practice was re-scheduled to be indoors from 6:45-8 pm instead of at her regular time.  Well, the spa where I get my massage is two minutes from where her lacrosse practice was:  Lax: 6:45-8.  Massage: 6:50-7:50.  I laughed out loud and thanked my Angels. Easy peasy and boy am I thankful I didn’t cancel that appointment….

All signs this week, and it is only Wednesday!

I feel that it is a very powerful time right now.  I feel that the Universe is connecting me to like-minded people.  I feel that my Guardian Angel is speaking to me loudly.  I feel my other Angels are giving me signs galore.  I feel like others are sharing their Angel signs/stories with me more than ever and I would love to hear yours too!
If you are experiencing Angel signs and would like to share them, please let me know via email to .   If I receive enough responses I will share them anonymously in a blog with the purpose of providing more examples to everyone that the signs are there for ALL of us if only we ask, look and listen.
And if you think you aren’t seeing signs, maybe it is because you are not asking your Angels or not trusting what you are receiving.  I promise you that signs are everywhere.  Trust what you see, trust what you feel, trust what you hear.  It is not coincidence, it is a sign!  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your Angels.


And when you get your sign please don’t forget to say thank you.



Love and Blessings,








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